EPTIS: A general introduction

On September 26th, 2014, EPTIS has officially announced and accepted AoV as its national coordinator in Vietnam. 

With its advantages, Proficiency Testing (hereinafter referred to as PT) has been selected as a mean of Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) by a wide range of both testing and calibration laboratories (hereinafter referred to as laboratories). In Vietnam, the targets that domestic PT providers have been aiming at are only domestic laboratories. However, both the information on PT programs received by these laboratories as well as the participation of foreign laboratories are limited. The main cause of this limitation is mainly due to the language barrier, the simplicity in the field of testing/calibration, high transportation costs, customs obstacles, and the most important of all is the lack of comprehensive information about the PT program.

Thanks to the development in information technology, the process of globalization and the strong growth in demand of PT, PT provides organizations have consciously and actively worked towards providing services to both domestic and international customers. However, the demand for a quick search of information on a trusted database platform by an intelligent software is necessary. Database systems will help PT providers promoting their PT program, and it also helps laboratories in finding trustful places for different fields.

In 1998, European Proficiency Testing Informative System (EPTIS) has been established with organizations in 16 European countries. The establishment of EPTIS resulted from a meeting of SMT4-CT98-8002 on “Informative system and Proficiency Testing quality assessment”. EPTIS has been working under the auspices of the EU and EA (European cooperation for Accreditation), EUROLAB and EUROCHEM. The objective of EPTIS is to provide information about PT programs to interested parties, including laboratories, accreditation bodies, and state agencies in order to meet the needs of PT services more sufficient, to promote international cooperation in quality assurance, and to support accreditation services.

Currently, EPTIS is managed by the German partner of Consoritum “Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)”. Information on PT programs published on EPTIS has been widely advertised on the Internet in March 2000.

At the moment, EPTIS has around 40 partner organizations from all continents. The database of EPTIS has approximately 2100 PT programs with 270 providers and monthly, there are about 2600 online users using EPTIS accounts. 

EPTIS organizing structure

EPTIS has a Steering Committee (SC), Coordinating Organizations (COs), Supporting Organizations (SOs) and a Central Secretary. The SC is responsible for guiding the operation and orienting the development. SC shall appoint the CS, COs and SOs. The SC is composed of representatives of the coordinators and support organizations.

EPTIS is working on a system of COs at the local or regional economy. COs support EPTIS gather, verify and update PT programs in their areas. Along with the role of representative of EPTIS, the coordinator is also responsible for support PT providers in posting PT programs on the system as well as answer questions and disseminate other information related to EPTIS network. The coordinator is the accreditation bodies, authorities and PT providers.

Supporting Organizations - SOs are bodies that hold its interest on PT. These organizations shall support ideas or finance in EPTIS’s operation. SOs are authorized to participate in annual meetings, to vote and their comments would be one of the bases to help SC in making decision.

Central secretary – CS: the duties of CS are usually made by a coordinator with sufficient experience and high compet

For more detailed information on the structure and duties of each part of EPTIS, please take a look here.

On September 26th, 2014, EPTIS has officially announced and accepted AoV as its national coordinator in Vietnam. Because of this new role, AoV will represent EPTIS in doing the following tasks:

-   Periodically update Proficiency Testing programs of PT providers who are registered to EPTIS;

-   Update new applications;

-   Answer questions about EPTIS from interest parties;

-   Create and keep contact with new PT providers;

-   Support in the promotion and dissemination of EPTIS;

-   Cooperate and support CS;

-   Inform the CS of the problems with the software, or other problems.

With the desire to bring PT service of Vietnam to the world and to support testing/calibration laboratories or stakeholders in Vietnam in searching PT programs that suit their needs in order to increasingly improve the quality of PT service, AoV is looking for cooperation as well as the comments of authorities, accreditation bodies, agencies providing PT services, testing/calibration laboratories, etc. in Vietnam to fulfill AoV’s duties.

All information about EPTIS, wish to register for EPTIS program, or demand for PT programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us via following addresses:

Proficiency Testing Department – Accreditation of Vietnam (AoV-PT)

Room 406, No. 130 Nguyen Duc Canh Str., Tuong Mai ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel.: (+84-4) 36622015 Ext.:42, 46, 47  Fax: (+84-4) 36343449


Email: ptd@aov.vn              Website: http://aov.vn


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